Being a family business, Cevan cherishes a longterm vision in which it wants to be a reliable partner for its customers, workers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Due to its remarkable history, the company’s activity is divided into three main branches:

  1. The development and production of solariums and infrared (IR) beamers
  2. Supply of steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets
  3. Production and assembly of complex constructions in metal and/or glass

In the 1980/90’s , cofounder Ad Giebels made Cevan into one of the biggest producers of solariums in the Benelux. Today Cevan still produces solariums, under the brand name Beauty Sun, a private label. What is more, Cevan is the only remaining solarium producer in Belgium. Its installations are known for their durability, bronzing effect and easy maintenance. With the CollaSun lamps, we are also pioneers in the newest trends in skincare and skin reenforcement (cf. www.collatan.com).

From UV lights to IR light is only a small step. Our infrared collection is called InfraTech in the Benelux. Worldwide, they are sold under a private label. Our TüV-certified infrared beamers are made out of completely brushed, stainless steel. They can be applied to private terraces, bars, local heating in big production halls, gyms, churches, skiing lifts, or party tents. We also make solariums to dry up horses (cf. www.beautysun.eu). To builders of infrared sauna’s, we lend our knowledge of infrared and magnesium radiation elements.

In the years 2000, Cevan knew a spectacular growth in the field of (steel) sheet processing. We excel in flexibility and in the speedy delivery of technically and logistically complex orders. Serial and piecework can be combined using high-tech production lines to bend, punch, nibble and laser cut. We even do our own transportations.

In the years 2010, Cevan keeps believing its numerous possibilities will create a solid growth. The company puts trust in its existing customers, but also in product, client and market diversification. This is for example why we invested in ATM Constructions, thus also safeguarding decades of knowhow concerning complex constructions in metal, glass or stainless steel. The combination of our own engineering, certified assembly facilities, and assembly teams make us a one-stop-shop for every demanding contractor.

In 2011, the first generation of Cevan Group directors was succeeded by the second generation, ensuring the company’s continuity as a family business.