Sheet processing

Aluminum, steel and stainless steel: Cevan combines the craftsmanship of loyal workers with high-tech machinery. Precision work and detailed finishings are our standard. Our engineers and preparers think and work together as one.

One single piece, a large series or many single pieces: at Cevan everything is possible. All our machines can process sheets up to 4 meters long.

How will they reach our clients? Let’s just say packaging and logistics are no side activities to us. We like to do our own transports. These days a speedy delivery has become a standard demand of all customers, and rightly so. With our huge store and flexible organization, we guarantee short throughput times.

We’re experienced in welding or other assembly processes.

Powder coating, wet coating, anodizing, passivizing, hot-dip galvanization or metallization: we only trust partners with the right certificates and excellent, yearlong track records.

Our assortment sheet processing techniques

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Applications of sheet processing

Our expertise in sheet processing can be applied to different products.