Laser cutting

We exclusively work with Trumph, the number 1 in laser technology.

Our L3040 is only used for cutting aluminum. Automotive quality is our norm.

The high power (5 kW) Trumpf L4050 laser cutter excels in cutting and engraving thick or thin sheets with exceptional precision and detailed finishings. Automized loading and reloading increase production speed, thus reducing the throughput time of orders.

Some special features:

  • Precise cutting up to 0,03 mm;
  • High pressure cutting keeps the sheets free of oxidation and burrs;
  • Very small holes (0,4 times the gauge);
  • Automatic distance and process control keeps the sheets free of cuts and deformations.

Operating range
X axis4000 mm
Y axis2000 mm
Z axis115 mm
Maximum gauge
Steel25 mm
Stainless steel20 mm
Aluminum12 mm