Metal construction

Cevan offers more than 25 years of experience supplying complex welding works. Taking over ATM Constructions in 2011, we also took over decades of knowhow in the fields of engineering, project management and in-house assembly.

We add value by joining the thought process of builders, architects and contractors. We consider Precise timing and ‘working within the budget’ to be self-evident qualities. As a medium-sized corporation we are able to offer true flexibility.

Stainless steel, steel and aluminum: we process all of these materials with a similar ease. Our expertise with glass, however, is what really sets us apart from our competitors.

Our engineers come up with a clear and complete, principal planning. It serves as a base for the hands-on technical and decorative evaluation by the client and the architect. Our knowledge of applying norms and regulations is a given.

The high-tech production process is as efficient as it is accurate. Our motto is “First time’s a charm.” To optimize processes, our production team constantly remains in contact with the drawing room. The experience, commitment and lifelong schooling of our assemblers and welders safeguard impeccable finishings. All welders are qualified and every production is lead by a certified welding coordinator.

For what is concerned conservation (varnishing, anodizing, galvanizing, passivizing…) Cevan only employs certified partners, that operate within a durable, connective network.

The assembling process is supervised by our own people, who are always looking for the right solutions. They value an open communication with clients, project leaders and other partners on the wharf.

Our assortment of metal constructions

Some of our work: